Zielone Mazowsze (Green Mazovia) association was establised in 1994 r. We are a regional organisation, operating in Warsaw and working on environmental problems of the agglomeration and the Mazovia region, but also undertaking initiatives on national level. We try to infuence authorities' decisions concerning environment and at the same time raise environmental awareness among the public.

Our two main areas of activities include sustainable transport and public participation in the decision-making processes.


Bicycle campaign

Bicycle campain is run from the very beginning of our association and is attracting many people to the organisation. We organize bike rides, street theatre performances and demonstrations. One of our most visible action is Critical Mass. Last Friday of each month hundreds, or even more than a thousand people pass main streets of Warsaw on various human powered vehicles.

Our bicycle campaign results in the construction of over 100 km bike paths in Warsaw and introduction of Warsaw Transport Policy.

Thanks to our lobbing of Warsaw authorities a law have beed passed according to which each construction or modernization of a road in Warsaw should be accompanied with building a bicycle lane.

In 1999 we made two youth exchange projects with similiar Dutch group Milieudefensie Groningen: one in the Netherlands, one in Poland.

Sustainable transport centre

A part of PHARE project 2004-2005.

Warsaw Transport Round Table

This consulting body was established in 2001 thanks to our initiative. Stakeholders with different interests and visions can participate in the dialog process. Our members are actively involved and represent the voice of ecological NGOs. Decisions are made by consensus and are presented in the form of recommendations for the development of different transport sectors.

Public Representative of the Nonmotorised

The aim of this project is to improve the way nonmotorised participants of traffic are treated during planning and exploitation of transport infrastructure and to assure better adjustment of this infrastructure to their needs. The representative is acting on behalf of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users:

- to protect them from discrimination such as closure of on-road pedestrian passages for the sake of drivers' comfort,

- to influence the quality of public transport system,

- to lobby for better conditions for cyclists.

The Representative acts in Warsaw, but in case of railway lines, in the whole Poland.


In recent years "Zielone Mazowsze" has been very active in public participation and is the organisation engaged in legal procedures concerning environmentally risky investments. We help local communities to understand their lawful rights. We also take our own initiatives, when controversial decisions are taken and precious nature areas are endangered.

Investments harmful for environment

Participation in the decision making process (especially related to road investments, hipermarkets, gas stations).

An example: Big campaign against building incinerator in Warsaw (1997) - high social involvement, multiple parties engaged, wide media coverage, referendum, direct actions.

Spatial plans

Endangered green areas

Special campaign dedicated to natural areas around Wisła river.

Waste management

Promotion of waste prevention and minimalisation. Examples of projects:

- Enviromentally friendly shopping (2002-2003) - promotion of returnable bottles, buying in multiuse bags, buying in local shops instead of chain supermarkets;

- Green Bottle (2003-2004) - artistic competition for primary and high school pupils; distribution of thousands of posters promoting returnable bottles.